Wearing the Pants: A Contemporary Bridal Look
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Wearing the Pants: A Contemporary Bridal Look


Wearing the Pants: A Contemporary Bridal Look

If you’re not a dress person, the idea of wearing trousers to your wedding may catch your attention. If so, you’re probably not all that conventional. Wearing pants is thus also a glamourous alternative to express your unique personality.

Let’s face it – for the most part, pants are more comfortable and practical. And the best thing is they don’t have to be boring! Let’s explore four sensational wedding trouser options.

Pant Suits

You’re probably thinking lady-lawyer, shapeless grey suit, right? This does not have to be the case for a wedding. You can go with simple, elegant, timeless linen or cotton chic, or you can get more creative.

A long, light, beautifully tailored jacket in typical feminine wedding style will capture the hearts of all your guests. Or, swop out the jacket for a stylish shirt, something sheer, or a Punjabi or robe-like top in wedding materials and laces and you’ve got something outstanding.

Pant suits are also fantastic for winter weddings as they’ve got a bit more cover to them. You can also plan to have a lighter garment under the jacket, so you can take the jacket off if you get warm.

Boho Chic Flowy Pants

Flared, or in the closed-at-ankles Genie pants style - only in magnificent wedding-type fabric. How comfy, light, and beautiful does that sound!

You can probably find the perfect pair at an Eastern clothing shop, or you can have some specially designed.

Match your hippy trousers with a complementary boho top, or even a more formal wedding-style corset and you’ve got a stunner of an outfit.

Jump Suits

These statement garments are so versatile, and they can be just as dramatic, graceful, and sensual as a wedding dress. If you’re keen on comfort and no skirt hassles, this could be your answer.

Select a style that is fitted on top and flared, flowy and elegant below, and you have wedding gorgeous down. Or, go for a skinny leg fit for something devastatingly sexy.

You can even opt for longer sleeves and heavier material for winter or keep styling light and refreshing for a summer event.

Just remember that visiting the ladies’ room with a jumpsuit takes a little more… forethought!

Play Suits

Playsuits or rompers are similar to jumpsuits, only the shorts version. They’re fun, spunky, feminine, and original.

They would most likely get the royal ‘no’ for a formal wedding, but for a beach, picnic, or intimate garden wedding they’re perfect. They’re even fabulous for a casual, summer, city affair.

This low-key option will also allow you to tear up the dance floor without fear of tripping over your dress or train. What a pleasure!

Some Closing Thoughts

So, if it’s not for you, don’t stress about the dress. As you can see, there are several other exciting possibilities to explore.

You’ll find some styles and wedding attire designers to make your wedding trouser dream a reality on HAPPLY’s directories.

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