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Venue Management Tutorial Video

Click on the video below for an in-depth run through of the management portal for Venues.

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Vendor Management Tutorial Video

Click on the video below for an in-depth run through of the management portal for Vendors.

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In this section we will deal with frequently asked questions on how to use our Happly Platform and getting the most out of our wedding planning tools.

FAQ For the HAPPLY Couple

What is required to open a HAPPLY account? FAQ For the HAPPLY Couple
Anyone can open a HAPPLY account using an email address and password. It’s fun and easy.

Is HAPPLY free?
Yes, HAPPLY is a FREE TO USE site, which offers all wedding tools required to make your wedding easier and stress free.

Why does HAPPLY need my personal information?
This information is required to open your free HAPPLY account, a profile using this data is generated  in order for you to use all the tools on the site, such as:
TO DO LISTS….. and much more.

How does a Wedding Website work?
A Wedding Website is a personal website which offers guests, (who are on the guest list), access to information about the couple and all details pertaining to the wedding day, including, date and time of wedding, the venue, directions and gift registry.

 Can I allow specific people/guests access?
Yes! When setting up your profile, you will be prompted to onboard your partner and a bridal party. These selected people will have access to your dashboard so that they can help you with the planning of your special day. Check out our HAPPLY blog post to find out more about choosing a perfect Bridal party

Is there a limit to the number of guests I can add to my guest list?
From intimate to extravagant, HAPPLY loves them all.

Do I need to know my guests email address?
Yes, your guests email address gives them access to your personal wedding website, and allows them to RSVP.

Do guests need an account to RSVP?
No, guests don’t need an account, they simply RSVP on the email.

Do I need to know all my “PLUS 1’S” details?
No, you can leave this up to your guests to complete the names of their “plus 1’s” on the invite.

Can I limit my guests “plus 1’s”
Yes, you can add as many “plus 1’s” as you wish.


FAQ for HAPPLY Venues and Vendors 

Why should we sign up to Happly?
When signing up with HAPPLY you become part of South Africa’s largest growing online wedding platform. Our vast directory of services has unique search features, making it easier for brides to find you!
The location and/or availability search ensures you only receive enquiries for weddings you are able to supply services to thus saving you time, money and energy!
You will have access to our management tools allowing you to effectively run all aspects of your business from any device ensuring that no important information is lost along the way, you can even generate instant and professional quotes to send via email, with easy hassel free payment options.

How do I sign up with Happly?
Signing up with HAPPLY is easy! Click the sign up button on the top right of the home screen and follow the easy step by step prompts through each section of the sign up process. It won’t take you too long! Remember this information creates your very own dashboard, the more details the better, and you can personalize it as much as you want!
Click here to download your handbook on how to set up your profile on Happly.

How much will Happly cost me?
Absolutely nothing! 
Happily charges a “success” commission on every transaction which should be
added to your packages and price structure.

Can I add my own prices and packages to the Happly site?
Yes, please do. Once you have signed up, you can start building your own dashboard on HAPPLY. You can add specialized wedding packages, pictures pricing, full descriptions and so much more. This will allow brides to get an understanding of your offerings before contacting you.

What will be displayed on the Happly website?
Your company name will be displayed with a profile picture, your logo and location. You can then flesh out your profile with more photos, descriptions of your spaces, offerings and themes, your packages and prices, your list of other preferred suppliers and more.
Venues, can add their capacity, their available amenities and themes, and even a virtual tour.

Can our customers leave reviews for us on your site?
Yes, couples will have the opportunity to leave a review of your services as well as a star rating. You can show off your reputation by building up a repertoire of reviews from previous weddings booked on HAPPLY.
Good reviews = more bookings!

Will I be able to keep a track of all my bookings on Happly?
Yes, you can use your calendar tool to keep track of all bookings as well as the to-do lists function to add reminders and assign tasks to staff members so you never miss a thing!

What makes HAPPLY different from other wedding platforms?
HAPPLY is not a wedding directory although it does provide the happy couple with one of the biggest databases for wedding venues and suppliers in the country - and we are growing and expanding all the time in this regard. HAPPLY is primarily a wedding management tool for bridal couples where they can plan, book, and pay for their wedding all on one platform, from any device, anywhere in the world.
Brides have every tool they can think of, to plan and keep track of every aspect of their big day, at their disposal on the HAPPLY site.

How do I log into my profile?
Click the login button on the top right of the home screen. Type in your email address and password (created when you signed up) to login to your account on Happly.

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