Top Reasons to Rock the Short Wedding Dress
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Top Reasons to Rock the Short Wedding Dress


Top Reasons to Rock the Short Wedding Dress

If the thought of dragging a big heavy skirt around the entire wedding day makes you frown, the short dress may be an excellent alternative. A short dress is very adaptable. It can be designed as super chic and glamourous or more relaxed. So, you can wear it to a formal or casual event.

Here are HAPPLY’s top four favourite things about the short wedding dress. -

1. They’re Trendy and Stylish

If you’re a fashion trendsetter by nature, the shorter dress is sure to turn heads. It can also flatter your body type beautifully.

A short dress can be spunky and fun and can have a modern, young feel. You have a bit more freedom to choose or create something with extra personality. Alternatively, a short dress can also be designed to look mature and graceful.

2. There’s More Room for Design Play

As the skirt is much less theatrical with a short dress, you can get away with going more ornate. What fun!

Depending on the wedding theme and your preferences, you can still go for special wedding dress features. Think hemline detailing, plunging neckline, open back, beading, and all those wonderful things that give the archetypal gown all its drama.

3. They’re Practical

Whether it’s walking down the aisle, getting around for photographs, or smashing the dance floor, or short dress is much easier to move in. If you’re not accustomed to long dresses, you’ll feel far more free and able to be yourself.

4. Show Off Your Lovely Legs and Designer Footwear

The classic ballgown look will never go out of style, but the one big con is that its long skirt covers your shapely legs and stylish shoes. With a short gown, you’ll get to show off those lovely long legs and the gorgeous wedding shoes you took ages to find.

5. It May Better Suit Your Wedding Type or Theme

You can wear a short dress at any wedding, be it low-key or formal. However, some event types lend themselves the most to this kind of gown:

A Casual Wedding

If you’re hosting a breakfast at a café, beach, or park picnic wedding, or anything else relaxed, the shorter dress is ideal. While, yes, it can be jazzed up to be very smart, the short dress lends itself to a casual theme.

You’ll also be much more comfortable moving around and even sitting on the floor picnicking.

A Cocktail-orientated Wedding

If you’re going for the currently trendy stand-around-and-mingle wedding style, a cocktail-type wedding dress will look stunning. You can either go for something sleek or ornate since both will work superbly. 

A Second Time Around Wedding

If you’re tying the knot for the second time, you may be looking for ways to make the event different from your first. How better to achieve this than by selecting a completely different, utterly chic, and cheeky wedding dress?

The short dress is thus perfect for creating a whole new look and feel for a second wedding.

Bottom Line

As you can see, the short wedding dress has some serious pros in its corner. If you’re looking for something different as well as practical, you may well have found it.

Happy short dress shopping!

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