The 5 Types of Groomsmen at All Weddings
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The 5 Types of Groomsmen at All Weddings


 The 5 Types of Groomsmen at All Weddings

Like you'll notice a pattern in the kinds of bridesmaids at every wedding you go to, the same goes for the groomsmen. There are usually a few stereotypical characters you can count on spotting as the nuptials proceed.

Let's check out who they are:

1. The Single Guy

This is the guy who is serially single and ready to mingle! He'll be asking about the bridesmaids from day one and checking out the bride's friends at each wedding build-up event. He's usually attractive and well-groomed and a lot of fun to watch as the wedding evening progresses.

He's also the most likely to end up with someone on his arm by the night's end. Make sure somebody keeps an eye on that girlfriend who has just gone through a messy break-up!

2. The Party Animal

This is the guy who will make sure everyone has Tequila shots before it even gets dark. He's fun, makes sure everyone is involved, and that everyone always has a drink in hand. Every wedding needs the Party Animal to get the festivities going, but watch out that he doesn't go overboard.

3. The Hopeless Romantic

The Hopeless Romantic has likely recently broken up with someone special, or he's still in love with somebody from his high school days. He's the most likely to cry during the wedding and try to pass it off as something in his eye!

Even if he is a little bruised, he's a good sort, and we hope he finds the right partner by the end of the wedding


4. The Married Guy

There are yin and yang aspects with this gentleman. Either he's happily married and gushing about the wedded bliss the groom is about to enter, or he's in the middle of a fiery marital spat and is morbidly disillusioned.

If the latter, he's the most likely to be bringing the energy down by quoting old sayings that denigrate the institution of marriage, such as calling a wife 'a ball and chain'.

Either way, he's pretty entertaining!

5. The Responsible Guy

Often also the Best Man, the Responsible Guy is usually the most jacked up. He'll make sure everyone is on time and that the rings are safe as if they were in Fort Knox. He's also great at making toasts and speeches and smoothing over any wedding day hitches.

Thank goodness for this wonderful gentleman!

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