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Something Old, Something New…


Something Old, Something New…

We all know that timeless bridal refrain or rhyme – something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. But what does it mean? And what items should you choose to pull this off without them clashing with your ensemble?

Let’s go through some ideas, shall we?

The History in a Nutshell

The tradition of having an old item, a new one, a borrowed one, and a blue one goes all the way back to the Victorian era. Originally, there was another line to it – ‘a sixpence in your shoe’ – but this is seldom ever used anymore.

The items are meant to signify and offer luck and blessings to the bride for her nuptials. The articles are also meant to ward off evil. These items are typically given to the bride by friends or relatives, though you can select them for yourself as well.

Something Old

Something old represents continuity and is important to symbolise the continuation of the family line. For this article, select something that has been in your life for a long time, and that has importance to you or your family.

The item could be a meaningful jewellery piece, an heirloom, or an article of clothing. It is usually given by an older relative.

Something New

A new item symbolizes hope and optimism for the future. It also signifies the new path the bridal couple will be taking together. This is a pretty easy one to tick off your list – it can be your dress, shoes, or anything else you’ll purchase for the wedding.

Something Borrowed

Borrowing an item from friends or family who are happily married symbolizes attracting their same good fortune. Traditionally, this item held a connotation of fertility, and often the item was undergarments from a friend or relative who had had children. Today, it’s more about good luck.

The item can be anything from borrowing beautiful earrings, a hair slide, a necklace, a bracelet, an item of clothing, etc. Borrowing a veil can also be a useful and appropriate item.

Something Blue

The something blue represents the elements needed for a sturdy marriage – purity, love, and faithfulness. Brides often choose a blue garter to go under the wedding dress. More recently, brides have been going more to town on something blue – because colour is fun. Your something blue could be anything. A hair accessory, blue flowers in your bouquet, a blue ribbon, a necklace, or earrings with beautiful blue stones, you name it.

A Sixpence

The ‘sixpence in your shoe’ would denote wishes for prosperity in the marriage. This is a significant area, so you may wish to adopt it by using a coin from your year of birth, or one with meaning to you. You don’t have to wear it in your shoe – tuck into a secret pocket in your dress or purse and off you go.

Some Last Views

Furnishing yourself with some extra luck for your wedding day is a lovely idea. You can adapt it however you like. You’ll probably find friends and relatives who will make suggestions and offer you relevant items before the big day.

You also can leave it out completely if the idea does not appeal to you.

Happy item selection

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