What Does the Colour of Your Engagement Ring Diamond Mean
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What Does the Colour of Your Engagement Ring Diamond Mean


What Does the Colour of Your Engagement Ring Diamond Mean?

In nature, diamonds develop in various, often magnificent, colours. Over the years, people have attached particular meanings to the diverse hues. So, some shades are more suited to specific personality types than others.

If you’re thinking of getting engaged and keen on a coloured diamond, knowing the appropriate tint for your spouse can be helpful. It also shows them you put some serious thought into your choice and considered special details.

Diamond colour is influenced by various geographical factors, such as chemicals or minerals in the soil or impurities in the stone itself. A different substance or circumstance creates each hue.

Let’s explore the meanings behind the various fancy diamond shades.


A popular choice both traditionally and currently, the yellow diamond is indicative of happiness, hope, friendship, and humility. It is most suitable for a happy, vibrant personality type.

The yellow stone is formed by the presence of nitrogen when the diamond is being formed.

Fun fact: the yellow diamond has been used in some of the world’s most iconic pieces of jewellery.


The orange diamond denotes courage, enthusiasm, and energy. Orange stones are considered particularly rare. This is because, unlike with other coloured diamonds, there is no secondary colour. The pureness of the orange diamond is therefore something unique.

The hue is influenced by the presence of boron when the diamond is being formed.


Green diamonds represents nature, abundance, prosperity, and strength. The green stones come in a variety of hues - from olive or yellowish-green to a vibrant emerald. The colours are often influenced by the presence of radioactivity in the formation process.

They are suited to people who love nature and who actively create wealth and abundance around themselves in all forms.


Also remarkably rare, blue diamonds suggests peace, truth, spirituality, eternity, devotion, and purity. They are formed because of the presence of boron when the stone is being created. Blue diamonds are highly sought after due to their magnificence and rarity.

The blue diamond is suitable for a person with a calm, peaceful, spiritual and caring nature.


This is an intriguing one, as its meanings historically and in modern times are slightly different. Traditionally, the stone meant action, passion, and energy. Nowadays, it signifies creativity, purity, and power. The black diamond has also become particularly popular in recent years.

It is an excellent choice for people with significant personal power and creativity.

White or Clear

A diamond with a clear luminescence represents cleanliness, purity, and holiness. The white diamond is still one of the most sought-after stones and can be suitable for most people.


Also referred to as the coffee or cognac colour diamond, the brown stone demonstrates stability, order, and clarity. This readily available diamond is also said to connect the wearer to nature and the earth. It is suitable for grounded, stable personality types.

A brown shade occurs when nitrogen is part of a stone’s formation process.


Pink stones expresses passion, strength, confidence, and power. They are incredibly rare, making them especially valuable. A pink diamond is suitable for a strong and passionate woman who knows who she is and what she wants out of life.


The rarest of all the coloured diamonds, red has the same representations as the pink stones. As there is only a handful of known red diamonds globally, the value of a red stone is off the charts.

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