How to Pull Off the Boho Wedding Theme
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How to Pull Off the Boho Wedding Theme


How to Pull Off the Boho Wedding Theme

The bohemian or boho wedding has become one of the most popular themes in recent years. It can be styled to be either relaxed or smart.  The boho trend is free-spirited, drawing on the 1960s and 70s' hippie style décor and clothing. Think free-flowing, Eastern patterned, and natural fabrics - and lots of flower power!

You can add a dash of class and polish to the ‘hippie’ feel, to upscale it for a wedding. If you typically like the style, then you probably have several boho props already lying around at home that you can use.

If you've chosen the boho theme, there are a few things to remember to make it come off as you imagine. It’s the kind of theme that can easily become messy if not done correctly and carefully. Discover our top tips for the perfect bohemian affair.

1. Plan

The thing with boho is that if you aren't careful, the décor can get too busy. It's best to strike a balance between detailed and simple items. The best way to do this is to create a décor plan.

This way, you can visualise in advance which areas will have texture and pattern and which will be plain. You can then prepare and shop accordingly, rather than just taking your chances and throwing together random boho-looking items.

2. Select an Appropriate Venue

A streamlined, minimalist, formal venue may not be suitable for a boho theme unless you have tons of décor to transform the space. Open fields, natural parks, botanical gardens, beaches, or someone's back yard are all perfect examples for good boho venues. An art gallery or quirky café can also work beautifully.


3. Pick the Right Vendors

When selecting vendors, make sure they're up to the task of helping create your boho look. Choosing the right wedding planner, photographer, DJ, caterer, baker, and florist can make or break the wedding's overall feel.

Do your homework, and only select people you feel sure can assist in augmenting the theme.

4. Décor and Whimsical Touches

Quirky furniture and bric-a-brac, mismatched cutlery and crockery, floral arches, feathers, antique vases, dream catchers, macramé hangers, string lights, wood, and mixed metals are all the kind of elements you're looking for. Raid your ex-hippie mom or gran's home and hit the Eastern or gypsies shop down the road.

Boho stuff has come back into style with a force to be reckoned with, so you'll find plenty of pieces at most homeware stores as well.

For a wedding, it's best to go for white, off-white, and neutral colours, for the most part, then have a couple of items in, say, a soft turquoise to accent the decor. Keep your tie-dye stuff for the music festivals! While beautiful, this kind of article may create too informal a look. It can also be a bit 'loud' for a wedding.

Some Final Thoughts

The boho theme is always a wedding win. Even if it's not quite your thing, adding a couple of elements can produce a unique impression.

You'll find plenty of suppliers and ideas for your boho chic wedding décor in HAPPLY's directories.

Happy boho décor sourcing and shopping!

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