How to Create a Backup Wedding Plan for Poor Weather
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How to Create a Backup Wedding Plan for Poor Weather


How to Create a Backup Wedding Plan for Poor Weather

Every bridal couple’s biggest fear is that it may rain on their wedding day, especially if the event is outdoors. In many cultures, however, rain on your wedding day is considered good luck. So, make sure you’re prepared, and then go with the flow (pun intended)!

The best thing to do is have a plan for if it rains or is especially chilly on the day. Here are a few tricks to help you deal with and even embrace less than perfect conditions:

Put a Basic Plan B in Place

It’s best to include a basic poor weather plan right from the start of your wedding preparations.

  • If you’re planning a beach, park, or garden wedding, make sure to have a second venue option on standby that you can use at the last minute.
  • Make sure your wedding coordinator and bridal party know what the plan is, so that they can quickly help you sort out the décor, catering, etc. for the plan B venue.
  • If your ceremony is outside and the reception inside, this is an easy one to plot. You can simply move the ceremony into the venue’s reception hall or chapel. With venue hands-on duty as well as your wedding party, it won’t take long to recreate a beautiful ceremonial space.
  • If your venue is primarily outside, it’s best to book a weatherproof marquee. Even if it doesn’t rain, a tent will provide shade and shelter to your guests.
  • Chat with your wedding planner or coordinator. They’ll likely have seen quite a few weather interruptions and will therefore be able to advise you on what to do.

Inform Guests of Your Poor Weather Plan

Give your guests a heads up about your basic plan B to prevent confusion if you do have to implement it. Using a wedding software program like HAPPLY is fantastic for this, as you can simply add your weather plan and last-minute updates to it.

Be sure to warn guests to check the site regularly as the wedding approaches so they’ll know what to do. Otherwise, mass-calling or texting manually can be a nightmare, and there’ll always be someone who gets forgotten!

Keep an Eye on The Forecast

The weather is pretty unpredictable, so you’ll have to check the forecast and arrange some things accordingly just a few days in advance. If it’s looking ominous, you can then make a decision a day or two before and put your plan B in place. You can also quickly purchase some poor weather goodies to keep your guests comfortable.

Poor Weather-Themed Favours for Guests

Arrange to have some blankets, umbrellas, shawls, gumboots, and other warmies at hand to keep your guests cozy. You can also plan to serve hot beverages like hot chocolate or cocoa or even glühwein. If there’s enough time, perhaps also get your caterer to make a hearty soup.

Get Some Rainy-Day Photos

Embrace the weather and get your photographer on board to get some shots in the rain. Yes, you’ll get a bit wet, but these images will turn out beautifully, and they’re original!

Check-in with Vendors

Make sure your vendors will be on board if the weather is inclement. Confirm with them what their policies are. This is especially pertinent for musicians, performers, or anyone else who uses specialised equipment that may not be rain-friendly.

Leave Extra Time

If the weather is unpleasant, it may take guests more time to drive to the venue, park, etc. So, it’s best to leave timewise wiggle-room. That way, you also won’t panic if things don’t start perfectly punctually.

Weatherproof Your Look

Ask your stylists to come up with a plan to make your hair and makeup as waterproof as possible. You can also get a fabric protector spray for you dress. Chat with your stylists and designer about what the best options are.

Get Someone to Watch Traffic Issues

Heavy weather can cause accidents, road closures and therefore travel delays and dangers. Assign someone in advance to keep track of these possible issues on the day. They can then get the MC to inform guests if there are any major problems on the roads.


A rainy wedding can be cosy and fun! So, don’t panic, just make your plan and then enjoy the day. You’re marrying the person you love most in the world, and that’s all that matters.

Happy poor weather prep!

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