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Vibrant and Bold: The 2024 Wedding Trends You Need to Know


We’ve got big news for 2024 couples—this is going to be a good wedding year, So without further ado, here are the 2024 wedding trends to consider.

2024 will be all about celebration! The bolder, the better…. Bolder colours incorporating vibrant and muted tones, bolder florals exploring using dried with fresh florals. Bolder vases breaking from simple ceramics to varied textures, materials and shapes

Colour is powerful and can completely improve the mood of a space. The colour palette you choose for your wedding day will have a much bigger impact than you may realise. We’ve been in this ‘50 shades of white with a splash of green’ for a while, but in 2024 we will see a lot of bolder colours. We’re seeing a swing toward warm, hot colours like poppy red, magenta, peach fuzz and sunset colours. There are so many options these days between coloured glass, candles, and, of course, flowers.

We’ve been loving the trend of combining and pairing strong colours together with vessels and botanicals. Gorgeous shades of pink mixed with vibrant crimsons, will create an exciting and romantic colour palette. These gorgeous colours won’t just be seen in bridesmaids’ dresses and bouquets, but also in wedding shoes, linens and napkins, signage, cake, and everything in between for a glamorous experience that’ll leave your guests speechless.

Peaches, tangerines and rusty oranges to create the feeling of warm sunshine. Other than colour, Couples want fewer posed portraits and more candid content. A dedicated team of photographers, videographers, and content creators will be on-site to capture and post the event in real time. Fly-on-the-wall photography is in.

The Champagne tower is back. Champagne towers offer a glimpse of glam—and are the ticket for a good time! Menus will focus on casual, family-style food. The menu should feel very personal and not generic. Consider using a family favourite recipe and printing it on the menu as a keepsake.

Author - Heather from Settings Function Hire

Take a look at their photoshoot at Ollivanders. It will give you oodles of inspiration on how to use colour, champagne towers and more.

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