Top 2021 Wedding Trends
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Top 2021 Wedding Trends


Top 2021 Wedding Trends

As we head into the high wedding season for 2021, a few red-hot trends are emerging. Whether you like to be in touch with current movements or take note of some valuable ideas, knowing the direction weddings are taking this season can help.

Let’s explore a few movements couples are currently loving.

Intimate Weddings

Small weddings are very in fashion recently. Couples are opting to have significantly fewer guests, so there is more budget to allocate to the details that make for a memorable day. Plus, fewer people also allows everyone to spend more quality time together at the wedding.

Going Sustainable

Having a green wedding is also a hit this year. A sustainable wedding means producing as little waste as possible from the event. It also includes sourcing items locally and reusing or recycling. Dresses may also be of sustainable natural materials or secondhand rather than consuming a new article. It also means the décor is mainly DIY, and all fruits and flowers are those in season.

Honeymoon Registries

Rather than asking guests to buy gifts, many couples are requesting contributions towards the honeymoon experience. This is a great idea, as it simplifies the gift registry or selecting process. It also allows the couple to afford a memorable honeymoon.

Weekday Nuptials

After many cancelled events in 2020, a bit of a wedding boom is going on this year. So, couples frequently have to accept dates during the week to secure the venue of their choice.

This can be challenging, as everyone must take time off from work. On the upside, though, rates for venues and vendors are much more competitive during the week.

Epic Views

A venue with a sweeping outlook is big this year. Being out in nature or appreciating natural vistas through large picture windows at the wedding venue is popular and timeless. It also helps make for spectacular photographs.

The feel of expansiveness and light in a venue like this makes for genuinely dreamy weddings.

Going Victorian

Couples are currently drawing a lot of inspiration from the Victorian era for their wedding décor. This includes floral patterns, covered buttons and lace, and formally landscaped gardens with statues and fountains. It’s a gorgeous old-world feel that will always be in style. 

Magical Chandeliers

Chandeliers hung for the ceiling and dripping with an abundance of flowers, and sometimes vines or even fairy lights is a popular décor trend. Many couples are also incorporating light fittings for extra wow.

Flower Hoops and Circles

Couples are loving circles and hoops as décor accoutrements. These include large, circular floral displays at the altar and key places at the reception venue. Flower hoops and rings are also finding their way onto tables and into bride and bridesmaids’ hairstyles.

Soft Colours

Pastel colours and florals are back. Many weddings are featuring a combination of pastel hues, rather than focusing on only one. The result is a clean look that works with just about any type of venue.


As many weddings have been postponed in recent times, couples are more mindful and appreciative when they can finally schedule their special day. This means thoughtful, heartfelt thank-you notes and gifts are a big trend. Weddings are also currently more genuine affairs, with people looking to connect more earnestly.

What trends will you be following this 2021 season?

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